At today’s Market Day, we had a very special guest who opened my eyes to a whole new world of coffee. Java Genesis roasts small batches of green coffee beans from various countries; Costa Rica, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Mexico and a few more. They then roast them just prior to delivering the coffee to their customers. The key, I have learned, to really good coffee, is the freshness since roasting.

Early on in my coffee drinking career, I basically had to adulterate it with gargantuan amounts of sugar and “creamer”, that it was like drinking a Krispy Kreme doughnut. As I aged (ahem) matured, I weaned myself from the sugar, but I still had to have dairy. Now a days of course, it’s my own fresh dairy.

Whenever I’m working at the fire station, I subject my palette to some really low grade, cheap, nasty stuff because that is what we have. At home I thought I was drinking good stuff, and it is in comparison to the cheap stuff. But today, all that has changed. Today I had coffee from freshly roasted beans that had just been ground. For the first time I drank a cup of black coffee that I didn’t want to spit back into my cup. Nice right? Really and truly though, this stuff is GOOD. And when I added some of my fresh milk to it, it became AWESOME. If you haven’t had a cup of java from Java Genesis, you’re missing out. I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow so I can drink some more.

And now I am a true coffee snob, and you will be too if you get some coffee from our Locally Grown Market.

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