Through a newly formed working relationship with Dr. Gabriella Nanci of Belle Fourche Farm we can now offer whole and half Dexter beeves. The Dexter is a heritage breed of cattle that originated in Ireland as a triple purpose homestead cow (beef, milk, and draft). Their smaller stature and hardy constitution makes them an excellent choice for raising on small acreages and course forage. Dexter beef is lean and high in quality and they weigh in at about half the weight of commercial beef breeds. If you are one who typically buys 1/2 a cow, a whole dexter would suit your needs.


Both wholes and halves are $4/lb based on hot carcass weight (HCW) Plus the cost of processing (approx. $0.84/lb HCW). The expected HCW is 300 – 360 lbs

How to order and when to expect delivery.

To reserve your beef, we need a deposit of at least $250 for a half and $500 for a whole. Here’s the added bonus, we give you added value according to the amount of your deposit i.e. Farm Share. You may place a larger deposit if you wish, the more you pay up front you get a larger farm share credit. Choose from the following.

$250 ($262.50 value)

$500 ($537.50 value)

$750 ($825.00 value)

$1000 ($1125.00 value)

You can expect delivery by around the second week February to your door if you live in the areas of NW Georgia, NE Alabama, Chattanooga.



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