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The milk had a creamy, rich flavor with a nice smooth finish. May be the best milk I have had since being a kid on my grandmother’s farm. The sausage was bright and full of flavor. It seems like once you eat fresh from the farm sausage the store bought just seems off. Why would I buy sausage that is full of preservatives (nitrates) when I can buy fresh sausage?! We always try to buy quality and locally sourced foods but waiting a week for the farmers market is not ideal. Being able to order our staples from East West Farms online and then picking it up locally is huge for us.

Cara Gionnoni

Daniel & Katie work so hard to accomplish their dream of becoming a clean, local food provider. The quality of food they provide is stellar. I am so thankful to have these folks in the community. The service they provide is invaluable. We aren’t all called to homestead or farming, but thanks to people like Daniel, we can still get the benefits from those who are.

Sarah Hodges

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