Yesterday, we paid a visit to Moss Hill Farm with a number of friends to learn from Floyd Kiesler about how he has found success farming on one acre, using biodynamic methods.


Floyd has been farming and gardening for 20 years. Originally his garden was 1/4 acre and when he cleared more land, he buried the trees under the future planting area. He’s been using biodynamic methods for over 4 years and has never seen better productivity.


Cover crops/green manures are essential to maintaining healthy soil, and healthy soil is the goal.

Floyd makes his own high tunnels and only closes one end to protect from the wind.

The high tunnels are temporary, portable and reusable. The pond you see here is his irrigation source.  He primarily irrigates new plantings and rarely the established ones.


Weeds don’t get pulled, they get “flamed”. The heat sears off the weed leaves protective coating and they quickly die. The roots stay behind to decompose and feed the soil. Speaking of feeding the soil, Floyd makes his own compost with manure from a nearby stable. The soil at Moss Hill Farm has been nurtured so well that when you hold a handful, you can feel it pulse with life.

Thank you Farmer Floyd for sharing your time and knowledge!

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