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No More “NON-GMO” Feed

As of 2018, we will no longer be feeding feeds that are NON-GMO. Oh, we’re not switching to GMOs if that’s what you’re thinking, we’re switching to Organic.

Some folks make the mistaken assumption that because Genetically Modified Organisms aren’t permitted in certified Organic products, on equates (or comes close to) the other. That’s far from the truth. I’ve recently learned the truth and it makes me sick. I have long believed that organic feedstuff contains far superior nutrition and would be the best choice for our animals, namely the ones we would be eating. We actually fed organic feed several years ago and suffered a financial loss when one of our freezers that was packed full of organic fed, pasture raised chicken quit working. We estimated that we lost about $3000 and for a very small operation, that was a huge loss. It was a loss big enough that we became hyper-cautious with our budget and sought out an alternative.

When I found Non-GMO feed from Tucker Milling, I thought I had found the holy grail. Well not holy but I believed this was the answer to all of our feed problems, but not just ours, this could be the answer for all small livestock producers. There’s no gmo corn, gmo soy, gmo cottonseed, gmo rape (canola) and it was so much more affordable! I thought that I would never look back, but here I am. After feeding it for several years, I can definitely say that it does not deliver anywhere close to the nutrition that an organic feed does. First of all, the birds we raised did not perform as well as the organic fed birds we raised in the past. They seem to be much more susceptible to environmental extremes and were not as robust. Plus, I have been able to do a near side by side comparison between the birds we raised this year and the ones raised by a friend who feeds organic.

Now when I first made the decision that we were not going to use feed from Tucker, I initially considered other Non-GMO feeds. Both Hiland Naturals and Resaca Sun Feeds are certified by the Non GMO Project. I was speaking with a friend about this and she shared with me an experience she had while picking up feed from Resaca’s feed mill. While sitting in their parking lot, she observes a tanker truck pull in, on that truck is the name  Monsanto. This tanker is delivering Glysophate (Roundup) and she watches as they fill the tank of a spay rig on a tractor, which then goes out into Resaca Sun’s fields and starts spraying. After hearing this, I called the Non GMO Project to ask if they certify products regardless of pesticide/herbicide use. Their answer, “Yes we do.” So even though they certify a product as being GMO free, it very well could (and probably does) contain grains that were sprayed with Roundup prior to harvest. Here’s a video I did on our YouTube channel about this.

So what are we supposed to do? How can I feed something I now know to be poisonous? I can’t. There is no other choice but to go Organic.


New Pickup Site 

We are now offering a new pickup site for our pasture raised, soy free, non GMO fed chicken as well as our pork, which is raised to the same standards. To place an order, go to our products page, fill out an order form. 

The new pickup location is 2559 HWY 138 SW Conyers GA 30094. 

All dates and times can be viewed on our events calendar. 

Learning to Live

I thoroughly enjoy teaching folks about what we do and how they themselves can do the same thing. This Saturday we gave a chicken processing class to a group that varied from backyard chicken owners, burgeoning farmers, to students of survival. I’m not going to go into alot of details but if you want to learn more about chicken processing, give this previous POST a read, keep an eye on our event calendar for our next class, or shoot us an email about coming to lend a hand on one of our processing days. One of our participants sent me an email regarding her experience.

Just wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed Saturday’s lesson on processing chickens.  It was exactly what I was looking for to learn.  I wish you all the best and hope to cross paths again in the future.

All my best,

Amy C.

Pallet Projects

Pallets are awesome and scoring any in usable condition is like an unexpected payday. Here is how I built a gate to the new Rabbit/Chicken/Piglet/Calf house. Continue reading

Freedom Ranger Chicks and Chaffhaye Alfalfa

Are you feeding ChaffhayeAlfalfa? Are you raising Freedom Rangers that come with the added bonus of coming from GMO free breeding stock? Click the link below to see how you can get both from us.


Final Chicken Day and Veggies!

Click the link below to read our latest email.


Final Chicken Day and Veggies!.



Chicken Pastured, soy-free, non-gmo no shipping Nov. 15 from East West Farm | Square Market

Click the following link to order a fresh, free range bird or two. If you aren’t a farm member, please add an annual membership to your basket.


Chicken Pastured, soy-free, non-gmo no shipping Nov. 15 from East West Farm | Square Market.