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Help Fund a Milk Cow – Get Milk and Then Some

It’s become necessary for us to look to add new cows to our herd with the continuing growth in demand. However, with the price of a good to better than average Jersey ranging from $1500 – $3000, It’s no small purchase. We’re asking for a bit of help by paying for a year’s worth of milk in advance. As a thank you, we’re also tacking on a couple of perks in the form of farm membership credit and a 5% discount on a whole pig and a free bacon making class. Send an email to to contact us about how you can keep us milking and providing the best possible food from our pastures.





Intern and Learn at East West Farm

Come Farm With Us.

The Seedorfs

The Seedorfs

We are seeking interns who would like to learn the skills needed to raise ethical food. Our focus is on working with animals and therefore your education will primarily be in animal husbandry, milking cows, milk handling/processing, processing animals for food (namely chickens, rabbits, and pigs), and basic butchery. You will also have the opportunity to learn from our friends who manage the vegetable operation.

We are looking for 4 to 6 people who are:

  • Eager to learn and work.
  • Aren’t afraid to get dirty.
  • Works well with others and animals.
  • Are self starters and intuitive problem solvers.
  • Passionate about real food.
  • Pro family values and comfortable with children and working with our farm members.

You give:

  • Saturday mornings 7:30 -11:30 (may alternate 2 weekday evenings in 2 hour blocks 5:00-7:00 on occasion).
  • Attend at least one chicken processing day which are generally the last Friday of the month in lieu of normal schedule that week (see event calendar).
  • Farm Labor: Feeding animals, fence construction, building coops and pens, shoveling sh….stuff, property/land care.
  • One session of at least 20 weeks starting the first week of July. We will take late comers, and we’re fine if you want to start sooner.

What you get:

  • Hands on education. Learn at our side and gain the confidence that you can farm. Your experience will culminate in managing the farm with the other interns at or near the end of the session.
  • East West Farm T-shirt
  • On occasion food we produce.
  • Work on a piece of land that has been saved from development in Cobb County just west of Marietta, GA.
  • Meet other farmers and like minded people.

Please fill out this form below and include your resume (optional but definitely a bonus). Send via email to

East West Farm Intern Application