Here is an excellent post from our friend Sam at East of Eden Farm. Farming and growing food is one of the surest ways to declare your independence. I have become a champion of not looking to the government to keep me safe from myself, food, recreation and even from others to a degree. I do not want laws that tell me what to eat, what to drive, or what kind of light bulb I can use. I choose to consume something I believe to be a superfood such as raw milk, but just because I have cows shouldn’t mean that I be the only one to consume it freely, without government molestation. If i choose to fill my body with candy bars, fast food and soft drinks, then I alone should bear the consequences that comes with it; diabetes, obesity, and cancer. I should not look to someone else to foot the bill and carry the responsibility for my poor health. Rather put my faith in people I’ll never meet to feed me, I choose to grow it myself or patronize a nearby farmer. Anyway, happy Independence Day and however you celebrate it, do it with meaning.

Our Simple, Sustainable Life

FlagThis week, America goes on a binge.  We will consume literally tons of hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs and potato salad. We will guzzle an ocean of beer. Barbecue grills will burn acres of charcoal and rivers of propane. The night sky will light up like the day from multiple billions of fireworks and sparklers as we celebrate the biggest midsummer party of them all.

Indeed, all America lets our collective hair down on July 4th as we celebrate our Independence Day, but I can’t help but wonder if the party has become only that, a gigantic party for partying’s sake.

It appears to my aging eyes and ears, that we have slowly traded the freedom so costly purchased, for something much less; the illusion of safety.  I have watched us trade liberty for laws and autonomy for regulation until not much liberty remains.

Each time we cry out for…

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