What to Post…

Life has become extremely busy as of late and it’s difficult to find time to focus on writing. The only reason I am right now is because I am still up from a 3:00 call at the fire station.

Making the transition to a private food buying club has been exhausting and a bit tedious, especially with answering the endless stream of questions. I attempted to write a FAQ post, but as one can see, it hasn’t happened.

We’ve recently switched the breed of broiler we raise on the pasture from the commercial “Heritage White” from S&G to the Freedom Ranger. We are window shopping for cows to keep our growing number of farm club members supplied with milk. We presently have 8 pigs we are raising on pasture and expect them to be finished by November. We’ve lost the battle in the garden and are just trying to hold on to 10 tomato plants.

On a personal note, my oldest son graduated from high school and starts college this fall. Talk about feeling old.

Now it’s about time to clock out from fire fighting and clock in farming and relieve the most amazing woman from 24 hours of solo farming.


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