Stems N’ Roots; a Backyard Farm

Today Katie and I paid a visit to a backyard farm about twenty minutes from us. Stems n’ Roots is a Certified Naturally Grown farm where a hillside was made productive with raised beds. Lori Mason is a certified bee keeper, makes her own compost, maintains a colony of red wrigglers for vermicomposting, and keeps a number of hens for eggs and manure. All of the beds are in various stages of production or preparation with little to no reliance on mechanical tillage. Besides the bee hives, I was really intrigued with her mushroom logs. Making the visit to Stems n’ Roots made me even more excited to have this backyard farm growing for our Locally Grown Market.









One response to this post.

  1. I’ve always wanted to grow mushrooms! One of these days I will.



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