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In Raw Milk Case, Activists See Food Freedom On Trial : The Salt : NPR

What is the case against Wisconsin farmer Vernon Hershberger really about? It depends on whom you ask.

To hear the prosecution, it’s about licensing, not raw milk: Hershberger, a dairy farmer hailing from the town of Loganville, is on trial this week for operating without three licenses. He’s also accused of continuing to sell raw milk to members of his private club after he was ordered not to.

If convicted, the father of 10 faces more than a year in jail and more than $10,000 in fines.

Prosecutors say they aren’t debating the safety of raw milk — and the judge in the case has pretty much banned all mention of the stuff in the courtroom. His defense team tells us that one trial spectator wearing a T-shirt expressing support for raw milk had to turn it inside out before he was allowed in the courtroom.

But activists say the case is about raw milk and much, much more.

Fundamentally, they say, it’s about personal food freedom and the rights of farmers and consumers to enter into private contracts without government intervention.

“As a mother, I have the right to choose the nutritious foods that I want to feed my son. I don’t want the government making that choice for me,” says Jen Morrison, a member of Hershberger’s Grazin’ Acres private food buying club.

In addition to raw milk, she gets beef and poultry raised by Hershberger and his family. In return, she pays a $25 annual membership fee — considered an investment in the farm — plus the cost for each product she buys (such as a gallon of raw milk). Occasionally, her family volunteers on the farm.

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In Raw Milk Case, Activists See Food Freedom On Trial : The Salt : NPR.

The good news is, Vernon Hershberger’s right to farm and provide the food he grows to those who need it was successfully defended.


Entertaining Family For Easter?

Well make sure you have the best possible coffee to serve them after dinner. Java Genesis has all manner of fresh roasted coffees, direct from growers around the world. The Brazil Decaf is made with the Swiss Water Process which is a chemical free decaffeination that is better for you and the environment. If you’re not a member of Marietta Locally Grown yet, sign up and get some of the best coffee there is. While you’re there, check out all the other great stuff like soaps, herbals, spices, blueberries, eggs, spinach, lettuce, wheat berries, kamut, flour and more.

Java Genesis, best decaf there is.

Beware the late freeze…

The weather of the proceeding year has me desperate to get the garden growing. The torrential rains drowned everything and we gave up hope. Now I’m chomping at the bit. I have green fever. I want veggies! I want tomatoes! It was such a glorious beautiful day a few days ago, I couldn’t resist. I planted four different tomato plans my friend Anna at Suburban Fresh started.
I know that our last frost date is April 15. I also know the old adage that one should not plant until after Easter. The forecast called for temperatures below freezing in North Georgia. I knew this, but I planted anyway, resolved to cover them.
Since I would be at the fire station and I knew Katie would likely forget with her long to do list, the kids and I covered them with large plastic cups and banked soil up against them to prevent them from blowing away. When I came home, there was a heavy frost and as soon as the sun beamed upon the garden, I removed the cups and found little chunks of ice on the tender leaves. Being covered by an impermeable cup, moisture could not escape, collected on the leaves and froze this morning. Hopefully they will pull through. Nonetheless after today, it’s on like Donkey Kong!

Really Cool Stuff to Get Mom (or yourself) for Mother’s Day

Through our Co-operative of small growers, farmers, and small business owners, we have some really cool stuff at Marietta Locally Grown. Not only can you get blueberries, honey, eggs, spinach, lettuce, spices, grain, flour, or live plants.

You can now get a kitchen composting kit for composting all of your kitchen scraps.

Hand Crank Grain Mills to make your own flour

And an Electric Mill Too!



Cherith Farm


Philip Busman gives a wonderful salutation.




Tunis sheep


Lush pasture
We paid a visit to Cherith Farm this afternoon with a great group of folks. I’m sorry I didn’t take more photos because there was a whole lot more than a few sheep in a lush pasture. The Tunis sheep are the breed of choice for Philip Busman due to their high quality meat. Philip raises sheep because Cherith Farm is a small one and they shear the wool. The wool is sent Prince Edward Island and made into blankets which they sell.

Cherith farm also raises chickens for eggs and broilers for meat. The eggs are sold to local customers as a part of a CSA or a la carte. The broilers are primarily for personal consumption but, they have been to sell a couple live birds now and then.

Cherith Farm’s other signature livestock is American chinchilla rabbits. They are not pets, rabbit is one of the most sustainable sources of meat there is. Three rabbits (2 does and 1 buck) can provide 150 -200 lbs of meat a year and they can largely be fed from a lush lawn. It won’t be long until rabbit makes a comeback to East West Farm.

We then took a look at the three garden areas. The gardens are managed completely by hand and are nourished by the rabbit manure and composted chicken manure. From them, Philip sustains a 15 member CSA.

After the tour we enjoyed a delicious meal of various veggies and dishes served up, potluck. There was great conversation and fellowship too.

Glorious Spring Day






Great Pyrenees hair


Weed killer


Amazing wife

Come to our Spring Fling!


Food, fun, and a little bit of education is what’s in store this Saturday. Kids should come equipped with a basket so they can hunt for eggs filled with organic grain and after we find all the eggs, they will get to feed our chickens and pigs. We will demonstrate how to make butter and then everyone can smear some on a slice of homemade bread  to experience goodness like no other. Have a taste of pasture raised pork and egg salad from pasture raised eggs. Visit with other local farmers on site and engage in a conversation about what they grow. Sample some really awesome coffee from JavaGenesis and witness the roasting of coffee beans. Take a short walk through the pasture for a mobile Q & A on pasture based farming. All questions will be answered, no subject is taboo. I look forward to seeing everybody!