FDA FSMA Threatens Brewers and Farmers

Whenever I hear of a new regulation from I government, I usually ink of a great line from a not so great (IMO) film, Dumb and Dumber. “Just when I don’t think you could be any dumber, you go do something like this and totally redeem yourself.” The...

Help Us Spring into 2014 on March 29.

We have a boatload of projects on our plate and we could use a bit of help getting a few things done. We need to put out compost, build some compost piles, move some fence, fix up some chicken tractors, and build some hugelkultur beds. Yes, just sound it out, it is a...

Learn About Biodynamics!

This Saturday come on down to The Wylde Center and get some soil under your nails as you learn from successful Biodynamic farmer, Darby Smith of Sun Dog Farm. You will need to register at www.homesteadatl.com, cost is $30 for Georgia Organics members and non-members...

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