The results are in | Bakers Green Acres

Mark and Jill Baker have, for two and a half years, been subjected to idiotic, abusive, bureaucratic regulatory oppression. With a declaratory ruling, the Michigan Department of Natural resources decided to create their own definition of “feral pig”. With...

Raw Milk is 2 Legit 2 Quit

First a little history lesson. For many of you, this is well known stuff and I’m not divulging any big secrets. For some though, the idea of fresh, raw milk seems rather eccentric or bizarre. If this gets too boring, just skim (haha) on down to the Here and Now....

Spring Fling 2014

Don’t miss our third annual Spring Fling and Open House and spend the day with us learning all about what we do. There will be an egg hunt (with NO CANDY), the eggs will be filled with organic grain to feed to our laying hens. We’ll have samples of what we...

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