Thanksgiving Chicken?

Thanksgiving Chicken?.

Our phone has been ringing off the hook with folks looking for Soy-free, non GMO, pasture raised turkey. After losing a few hundred dollars on baby turkeys earlier this year, we decided to stick with chickens and so we are not raising turkey this year nor in the foreseeable future but, never say never, right? So instead of turkey, why not chicken? We have our Soy-free, non-GMO, organic fed, pasture raised chicken available in the Marietta Locally Grown Market. With a number of birds weighing in at 6 and 7 pounds, they could be mistaken for turkey! At $6/lb, they are much more affordable than turkey that is raised with the same model and the same feed.So treat your loved ones to pastured poultry this Thanksgiving and see what chicken is supposed to taste like. For you organ meat lovers there’s hearts, livers and feet in the market as well. 


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  1. We had two turkeys just days from butchering when a fox got them. It makes you sick doesn’t it?



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