The Highest Cost to Bring the Best Food To You

There is a high price to be paid to raise sustainable, nutrient dense food, long before the consumer makes their purchase. Usually it’s ONLY a farmer’s bank account, marriage, family  and livelihood that is on the line, sometimes it is his or her life.

Farming is listed as one of the most dangerous jobs there is. We can attest to this after near mishaps mostly suffered by my courageous wife, Katie. She and I both have been kicked, fallen, smacked, tripped, cut and probably will be again. She however has also been knocked over by a 700 lb cow and was attacked once by a rooster who flew into her face, cutting deep into her cheek and lip leaving scars that remind us of just how dangerous this can be. Working with animals and hand tools is dangerous enough, but the risks are exponentially higher when working with heavy equipment. Before starting the farm here, I have operated a number of machines that have the potential to maim or kill, and unfortunately I’ve witnessed some horrible mishaps.

On Labor Day, Joel Mendenhall of California died at the tender age of 30 while making repairs on a piece of equipment. Rather than rewrite the story, you can read it at the link below.

Friends of Joel Mendenhall | Palomar Mountain News.

It seems every time I turn around, a small farm is shutting down or suffering a tragic loss. My heart aches for this loss even more because of the tragedy. Joel was the father of three young girls and husband to a lovely wife. Please read some more about Joel and the work he and his family are doing at the link above.




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  1. Thank you so much for sharing about Joel. A website was beautifully created for his wife and three girls as a way for folks to “meet the family” and perhaps share in some way:

    I am quite convenience that their story will be far-reaching as you cannot read it with out it gripping your heart. Please share. Thank you from a friend of the “Mendenhall Girls” on Palomar Mountain, California.



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