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Humane, Home-Scale Chicken Processing | The Homestead Atlanta

Humane, Home-Scale Chicken Processing | The Homestead Atlanta.

Chickens are a great resource for the homesteader and farmer. Not only are eggs a wonderful and delicious source of nutrition, but hens are also an invaluable addition to any garden through fertilization and pest control. You may also find a nice source of income selling eggs, or if you have the room you might want to raise some broilers for yourself and others. Either way, knowing how to humanely dispatch a bird is the greatest dignity you can give the animal before it is harvested for food. We will teach a couple of different methods of slaughter and then we will teach you how to pluck and eviscerate the bird so that it is ready to go in the pot. Each participant will go home with a pastured, humanely-raised bird. Click the link above to register.


100% Pasture Raised Grassfed Beef

We gotta pay the bills and feed the other critters. Click the link to find out about 100% Pasture Raised Grassfed Beef.

Have you had the best chicken ever? Time’s running out.

We’re placing our final order for chicks to be ready in October so place your order NOW.

If you haven’t ordered any chickens from us (or you’d like a few extras to last you the winter) it’s not too late! Use our online order form found on our website to order your pasture raised, GMO free, soy free, drug free chickens. Once we sell out, that is IT for 2013. We will not have any more broiler chickens until May of next year. Current Chicken CSA members will get them at the current CSA price of $5.25/lb, non-CSA members price is $5.50/lb. We can bill you via paypal or you can pay on the farm via debit or credit however, all of these options incur an additional 3% charge.

We could always use some extra help on processing day so if you’re looking to REALLY connect with your food, mark down these dates which are when we process chickens. Be here at 8:30 and we should be done by 3:30:
July 20, August 17, September 21, October 19
If you have already ordered birds, PLEASE make sure you have these dates marked on your calendar. Pick up time is from 4:00 – 5:30. Don’t forget your coolers, bags and ice.

Whole pasture raised chicken on the grill.