An idea for all them ‘maters. Mamas Minutia: A Mandatory Suggestion

Maters. Here in the South, we hold a high regard for garden fresh tomatoes. I long ago boycotted supermarket tomatoes because well, they suck. This year we planted 40 and we now have tomatoes out the wazoo. We’ve even sold a bunch, fed some to the chickens and eaten them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This is our first year canning and Katie’s been wanting new ideas for things to do with tomatoes. I came across this blog post about roasting tomatoes and I do believe this will be our project this weekend after we help some friends process their broiler chickens. Check it out.


Mamas Minutia: A Mandatory Suggestion.


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  1. YUM! Thanks for the recipe!
    Just a note on canning, if you cut them in two, roast them at 350 until they are sitting in their own juices and have browned a little on the corners, about 90 min, then throw the whole thing, skin and all into the blender, blend well, pour them into jars with a couple of tbsp of lemon juice per jar, and pressure can at 10lbs for 20 min, they are amazing!!! I roast all my tomatoes I can now, no matter what I’m making with them. They are so much better that way!



    • Thanks Kim! I’ll make sure Katie gets your suggestion. Sadly, we do not yet have a pressure canner. Seems like I’m always saying, “If I just had another couple of hundred bucks.”



      • Oh, I know that feeling! You can water bath them this way too, just look up the time, I’m not sure.

        I have the Presto PC from Walmart, I think it was about $80. It’s fabulous!


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