Jail break!

Yesterday, on my way to the fire station, I stopped by the farm as usual to check on things. I pulled in the driveway and walked straight over to the Hare Razrs. I peek in the doe’s pen and it’s EMPTY! I do a double take and then go around the pen and I find the hole under the front right corner. I scan the immediate area with a tinge of panic creeping into my mouth. “Which way did she go?” runs through my head as I look towards the hedgerow, the house, and (gulp) the road.
I walk towards the barn and in the reflected glow of my truck’s headlights, I see her hopping along toward the stalls at the back of the barn. She dissappears in the shadows and I’m unsure what direction she went. I still haven’t restored power, so my my only light source is residual headlights and my cell phone. There are three stalls, one houses the chickens and the other two are empty. I look in one, and I see nothing, I look in the second stall and there she is. If ever a rabbit had a dissapointed look, it was this one after such a short taste of unrestricted freedom. I grabbed a cage, closed the door, chased her in and then returned her to her quarters. It was now very evident that I would need to take measures against this happening again so I grabbed some 4×4’s and placed them next to the cage. Today, one of my goals is to make a permenant modification so that if she digs, she’ll have to dig a long time before she  can make another escape!

Rose, the fugitive.


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