Life’s a peach.


Today I planted three peach trees that I scored for only 5 bucks each! There is a field on the other side of the driveway that I plan a fruit orchard. I think the peaches are a nice start. The loafing shed in the pasture is slap full of composted horse manure which was ideal for conditioning the soil. I wish I had taken photos of the kids “helping”. Their ideal job is irrigating, and they do tend to irrigate each other!

Manure stockpile

Some fierce looking thunder clouds rolled in and I almost danced a jig at the thought of our fledgling orchard receiving some nourishing rain. So with a smile on my lips, I tucked the bunnies in and headed “home.”

Here comes the rain!
Batten down the bunnies!

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  1. Thanks for signing my guestbook with your blog link! I'm glad other people my age are into chickens and farm things. 🙂 Good luck with all your adventures! -Adele



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