There are a variety of reasons to get your meat from a small family farm such as ours. Here’s a list of of our standards and values.

No subsidies, grants, or other tax payer funded “freebies” for us. Corporate welfare is rampant in agriculture which creates an illusion of low prices. Typically, the larger the “farm” (think Tyson, Pilgrim, Smithfield) they greater their tax breaks and handouts. Sadly many small farms get suckered into participating in government funded conservation programs in order to get their own slice of the pie. While conservation efforts are commendable, and we strive to have as positive an impact on the environment as possible, I don’t believe that we should be seeking to take hard earned money from fellow tax payers to do so and further contributes to a national debt that continues to spiral like a never ending whirlpool.

Speaking of conservation and the environment, we seek to be the best stewards of our natural resources that we can be. Just because we have opposable thumbs and the gift of being at the top of the food chain, does not mean that we can rape and destroy the ecology for our gain. We do not apply chemical fertilizers to our soil, we do not spray any insecticides, and we do not use any herbicides on our farm. A farm should also serve as a sanctuary to all manner of insects, birds, and other wildlife. Don’t get me wrong, we do use measures to control vermin such as rats and mice or else we would be overrun but poison has no place here.

We believe in raising food as naturally as possible for the utmost in nutrient density. When we work within the design of nature, high yields of nutritionally superior food is possible. We fertilize only with compost and and animal manures. We allow our animals to demonstrate their inherent behaviors and instincts. Cows are ruminants and should only feed on forages such as grasses and legumes. Chickens are omnivores and should be allowed to hunt the pasture for bugs. Pigs are also omnivores and should not be housed in barns on concrete but should be outdoors with access to woods and pasture. Biodiversity is of the utmost importance to a healthy ecology and it’s elimination by the modern food system is causing untold damage.

We’re local and support local. We do business with other local businesses so when you support us, your dollars stay within your community rather than supporting the bottom line of a foreign corporation or to fund the dividends of Wall Street investors. We also do business with other small farms and even work with them at times.

We believe in animal welfare. It is our duty to care for them and treat them with respect and dignity. Just because they are destined to be our food, does not mean they should be denied compassion and humane treatment. When price and convenience are your sole standards for your meats, you are supporting a system that subjects animals to cruel, indecent conditions.

It is up to you the type of world future generations will inherit.


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