There are a select few farms that I know of who feed organic feed, and we are one. We do because there is no way to avoid GMOs or Genetically Modified Organisms. We also do not feed soy because of the phyto-estrogen that soy produces. The vast majority of farmers who say they WANT to feed organic don’t because, they say consumers are not willing to pay what it costs to raise meat on organic feed. I challenge that they should try asking their customers whether they want healthier food or the HEALTHIEST food possible. I’ve already written a bit about our decision to switch full time to organic. It’s a bit of a rambling blog post but if you care to endure it you can read more HERE. There is simply no source for GMO-free feed unless it is certified organic. I heard one farmer tell me that they get a fed from a mill that uses non GMO soy but the corn is GMO, or vice versa. Calling a feed mix only 50% GMO is like saying you are only 50% pregnant. It is or it isn’t, period. So be sure to ask your farmer what he or she feeds and if they hem and haw about the cost, ask what they would have to charge per pound to earn a fair profit. If they know their operating numbers like they should they’ll likely respond that you, the consumer, would have to pay anywhere from $5.25 – $6.50 a pound. This is an absolutely fair price for organic fed, pasture raised chicken and next I challenge you to tell your farmer that is what you want and you are willing to pay that price. Then step back and see what he or she does.

If you care to see what we feed, come by the farm and I’ll gladly show you or you can visit the Countryside Organics website and read all about it.

Countryside Organic Soy-free Broiler Feed

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