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Chaffhaye is crafted from premium-quality alfalfa or grass forage. While still fresh, the forage is chopped, lightly misted with molasses, and compressed into an airtight bag to lock in freshness. A fermentation initiates in the bag, transforming the alfalfa or grass into a ‘super soluble’ forage. This “predigestion” process closely mimics the digestive activity in the hindgut of a healthy horse. In the bag, yeast, enzymes and other beneficial microorganisms unlock viable nutrition from the plant fiber and convert its nutrition into a form that is usable and more readily absorbable by your horse. The result is greater assimilation of energy, vitamins, and essential nutrients. Free of dust and mold, Chaffhaye alleviates the most common digestive and respiratory ailments that often plague horses.

Chaffhaye is a safe choice for feeding high-quality forage on a consistent basis, as well as providing live “beneficial” microorganisms that establish and maintain a healthy microbial balance in your horse. When used as a 100% hay replacement, your horse will demonstrate a marked improvement in digestion, immunity and well-being.
Minimally processed, Chaffhaye is the closest product to natural pasture you can feed your horses. Hence, it is called premium “Pasture-in-a-Bag.”

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