Hunger and poor nutrition is more widespread than most of us realize. As a firefighter/EMT, I see people every day whose poor health is directly related to their diet and many of them are caught in the trap of having limited money and resources to feed themselves and their family appropriately. People who live in poverty will sadly choose the cheapest source of calories rather than fresh fruit and vegetables. This doesn’t just affect the impoverished, many a working middle class family finds themselves strapped for funds when an emergency strikes and their food choices become limited. Our goal is to start a garden ministry with the help of churches, food banks, and volunteers and give healthy food to those who need it.

Below is a survey to allow us to gauge the level of support we can expect and will give us data to provide those with unused land whom we will approach about hosting such a garden. Please take a moment to fill out the survey and let us know how you can help. No amount of support is too small!

Once this project is underway, this page will be updated to show the progress we are making.

Matthew 25:35

Click this link for Survey.

Want Want to Make Nutrition Available to ALL | eastwestfarm.

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