We are MOVING! For real this time. We have made an offer that was accepted by the seller of a 20 acre farm in Jacksonville, Alabama! This has been our dream and now it’s being realized. We are weary of the crime, politics and traffic that have come with living and farming in Cobb County. Not to mention we’re getting three times as much land for a fifth of the price, a nicer barn, and a much nicer house.

So the obvious question. How are we going to continue to provide our grass fed, gmo free, drug free, humanely raised milk and meat to our loyal customers? We already have one farm member who is willing to be a pickup site near Marietta, and we would like to find a couple more who would be willing to do the same around Dallas/Hiram, Acworth/Kennesaw, and Powder Springs/Austell. Anyone who would like to be a pickup site would need to have a spare refrigerator in a garage/carport/basement that other farm members could gain access to. This would mean that folks would be coming by your house to get their milk, eggs (yes, one day we will be making eggs) and possibly meat or veggies. But hey, all of our farm members are awesome folks! Plus you would get a lifetime membership as long as you are working with us. I would be bringing products for members 2-3 times a week as I will continue to work at the Cobb County Fire Dept.

Next. What about the farm on Barrett Parkway? We would really love to find someone who could take over our lease. Our landlord has agreed that if anyone assumed the lease, he would renew and there would be an option to buy. This would be a great opportunity for someone to get into growing food or to expand upon their existing gardening. Our friend Jeff has been manning the vegetable operation and has said that he would gladly work with anyone else. We’ve planted numerous fruit trees and have built up and improved the soil with lots of good organic material. This location is really ideal for a fruit and vegetable farm with close access to farmer’s markets in Marietta, Smyrna, Kennesaw, at KSU, Acworth, and Atlanta. If someone would take over here, we would love to be able to work with them. The other option is for us to find a buyer, and that may well be a developer or just someone buying an investment property. Land on Barrett Pkwy is selling in the ballpark of $100,000/acre and as it becomes more scarce, it will continue to go up.

Finally, we need to unload some livestock to reduce the number of animal we need to move. We have added a couple of new cows to keep up our milk supply, but we have a couple who are dry and we will be selling. For details on the cows, see our page Animals For Sale. Then there’s the pigs. Much to Katie’s delight, we are moving up our processing date for the pigs and will be selling a number of live pigs for others to grow out or to keep as breeders. Pork will be ready for pick up the third or fourth week of October. Whole pigs are $3.00/lb and halves are $3.50/lb plus processing fee (approximately $80-90). $100 deposit to reserve per pig and you can place your order on our Pastured Pork page.







The new farm is only 1 hour and 45 minutes from our current location. Once we get moved and settled in, we would love to have you come visit us and see the bit of paradise we will call home.

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