Mark and Jill Baker have, for two and a half years, been subjected to idiotic, abusive, bureaucratic regulatory oppression. With a declaratory ruling, the Michigan Department of Natural resources decided to create their own definition of “feral pig”. With this, they outlawed any heritage swine that did not match the physical characteristics of commercial pigs, the irony is that many of the physical characteristics apply to commercial pigs as well.

So for two and a half years, the state of Michigan have terrorized small farmers with the threat of fines and jail because their chosen breed of swine were made to be illegal, but they didn’t count on Mark Baker. Mr. Baker is a veteran of the U.S. armed forces and loves his liberty with a ferocity that would easily equal, if not exceed that of founding patriots like John Hancock, Patrick Henry, and Thomas Jefferson to name a few. Mark Baker forced the State of Michigan to cry “uncle”, but like any other bully, they’re not admitting that they were wrong. Now they are saying that Baker is compliant. One minute he’s facing persecution the next minute he told the state no longer has an issue with him.

Read more here —  The results are in | Bakers Green Acres.

The results are in | Bakers Green Acres

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