The Hidden Threat in Your Chicken | Rodale News.

Arsenic. Just the sound of the word kinda makes you cringe doesn’t it? So what is it?

The World Health Organization tells us “Arsenic is a metalloid element, which forms a number of poisonous compounds. It is widely distributed throughout the earth’s crust, and is found in groundwater supplies in a number of countries.

Long-term human exposure, through drinking of contaminated water, is an important public health problem in some regions and countries, and is associated with cancer of the skin, lungs, bladder and kidney. Acute arsenic poisoning produces vomiting, esophageal and abdominal pain, and bloody “rice water” diarrhea.”

Well now we can add conventionally grown chicken as a potential source of long term exposure. Especially since chicken is the number one consumed meat in America. So if you are one of those sad souls who shop for the “best deal” you can find in the grocery store, or who thinks that you’re doing yourself a favor by feeding your face down at the C-F-A for convenience sake, think again.

This is yet another reason we feed organic feed. Absolutely no added arsenic. Of course Rodale says to buy certified organic chicken, but I say you should go a step further. Take the time to find a farm that raises chicken (or other animals for meat) and ask them abot their operation. Any farmer with nothing to hide will gladly take you to where the birds live and should you the feed label. In our next post will be a photo of ours. If that isn’t good enough for you, come see us.

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