Katie and I were overwhelmed with the show of support we’ve received today. First we had a great group of volunteers; The Rich Family, The Johnson Family, Amanda McCormick, Maureen Munier, and John Penland. Then there was the awesome folks from Crop Mob led by Kimmy Cobern, who did all kinds of chores around the farm as well as helping with the chickens. We were fed by Five Seasons Brewery who made us some incredible gumbo and some yummy bread which was delivered by Amy Norton, Crop Mobber extroradinaire. My mom, Marilyn Austin, who finally came out to face a chicken kill, fetched ice for us and contributed a pack of Becks. Finally, a huge show of gratitude to all of our customers who insisted on still paying the full, original price, even after I offered to sell them per pound due to their small size and those of you who insisted on donating some of your chickens back to us will always have extra special places in our hearts. Each and every one of you have been an answer to prayer and you all have reinforced for us that what we are doing is needed and necessary. Bless you all and thank you so much.

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