Grassfed Vs. Grain Fed Milk

Grassfed Vs. Grain Fed Milk

We started milking cows with the goal of producing 100% grassfed/zero grain fed milk. What we realized is that there are other farmers who feed grain to their cows and yet they’re presumed to be grassfed. While they may not feed a Total Mixed Ration (TMR) like...

Raw Milk is 2 Legit 2 Quit

First a little history lesson. For many of you, this is well known stuff and I’m not divulging any big secrets. For some though, the idea of fresh, raw milk seems rather eccentric or bizarre. If this gets too boring, just skim (haha) on down to the Here and Now....

Pain and Suffering

I need to get plants in the ground, but it keeps raining just enough to keep the soil too saturated. I was able to squeeze out time to plant 96 kale plants, but that’s it. Between rain, my fire department schedule, equipment issues, and the other stuff going on...

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