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Saturday we had our open house and if you weren’t there, here’s what you missed:
#1 The announcement of our Locally Grown Market! We are teaming with other small farms so
we can make a wide variety of fresh food available. The Market is open for ordering from
Saturday until Wednesday. On Thursday the growers put your order together and then Friday
afternoon, you come by the farm and pick it up. In order to participate, go to
www.marietta.locallygrown.net, create an account and then look through our market to see what
all is available. There is a fee to join but you get to place two orders before you have to officially
#2 Meeting two of our affiliate farms, Lil’ Patch of Aragon, GA and Suburban Fresh Farm in
Marietta. Lil’ Patch is Certified Naturally Grown and produces a wide variety of produce from
blueberries to zucchini. They also make their own honey and soy-free,
pastured eggs.

Suburban Fresh is a small farm in East Marietta comprised mainly of raised beds on what was once a

tennis court. The advantage to this is that no critters can dig in and the soil stays nice and warm
so they can grow warm season crops longer!
#3 A presentation by Sandra Walker on traditional foods. Sandra is a volunteer chapter leader for
the Weston A. Price Foundation, an organization that promotes health and well being through
traditional diets that are free of processed products, refined sugars and flours, as well as
pasteurized dairy.
#4 The Herbal Hutch. We first met Jill Hutchinson through the Homestead Atlanta when she and
her husband came out to learn about rotational grazing and processing chickens. When i found
out that she makes soaps, herbal remedies, and her own toothpaste, I knew we needed her to
join us.
#5 Tru Prep is a local business in Marietta and Roswell that carries all manner of items for the
homesteader or those who want to be prepared for any disaster. From dehydrators to MRE’s to
water filters and canning supplies, Tru Prep has it.
#6 MJ’s Hatcheries is a small family run hatchery right here in Cobb County. If you plan on having
your own backyard chickens, MJ’s has the chicks to start you off with as well as most any
chicken care item you could want or need to keep your birds productive and happy.
You also missed free samples of some of our vendors’ wares from our own raw milk,
Kombucha tea to apple chips. We also saw a number of folks come away with some really neat
door prizes!
Don’t miss anything else. Go to www.marietta.locallygrown.net, create an account and then see
how East West Farm is evolving into a one stop shop for all your real food needs.

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