I don’t remember how I came across it, but sometime last fall I came across this organization, The Homestead Atlanta. Immediately I was interested. This is something that we need in this day in time when so much knowledge has been lost over the last couple of generations.  Now a days, most people are too addicted to convenience to see the need for maintaining this knowledge. I mean why get fresh eggs from your own chickens; who dispose of your kitchen scraps, sanitize your lawn, and fertilize your garden when you can get a dozen eggs form the grocery store for only 99 cents! Oops, did I say garden? Well who want to sweat in a garden when there’s produce from all around the world right at your fingertips and all you have to do is swipe your card. Sadly, a large segment of the American population have a diet that is primarily GMO corn and GMO soy based since the focus of their diet is on processed foods and cheap meats because, they think that they can’t afford fresh fruits and vegetables, but I digress.

So being that I believe there is a growing number thirsting for the knowledge that our great-grandparents had. I made an inquiry on the contact page of the The Homestead Atlanta website about hosting some classes, and who should I hear back from but Kimmy Coburn of the Atlanta Crop Mob. Kimmy and the Mob had come out once for a day to help renovate our garden and process chickens with us. She founded The Homestead Atlanta because she too is thirsting for this forgotten knowledge and she figured there are likely others out there who would like to learn some of the same stuff too. Kimmy was all too happy to take me on as an instructor and so we have our very first homestead class coming up in a couple of weeks. I’ll be teaching folks who wish to gain a broader understanding of how to make pasture fed beef, milk, chicken, etc. work. We’ll cover the fundamentals of setting up and electric fence and pasture rotation. So if you are feeling an itch to learn about this stuff, be sure to sign up at the link below.

Rotational Grazing Fundamentals | The Homestead Atlanta.


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