Raising pigs on a dairy farm has been a long time practice. It just makes sense. The cow efficiently converts grass into milk by way of her perfectly designed, four chambered stomach. Pigs can and should be allowed to forage on pasture but their digestive system cannot breakdown the cellulose as well as a cow’s. The pig is an excellent means of converting skim milk and whey, along with garden scraps and nuts foraged from the forest, into flavorful protein and nutritious fat. This symbiotic relationship makes pork and extremely sustainable and affordable meat producer.

We rotate our pigs around our farm and allow them to forage the edges of the pasture where they can root up invasive privet and brambles. After the pigs are moved, we can then finish up by cutting down or pushing over anything they left behind, and because the pigs fertilize for free, we plant seeds so that we grow better forage.

We process our pigs on the farm because we want our animals to experience as little stress and discomfort as possible up to the moment we harvest them for their meat. We feel that we do the meat of our animals the greatest justice by harvesting it ourselves, since we will benefit from the sacrifice of their life.

A mob of Tamworth pigs.

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