Over the last seven years, we’ve had several bouts of hot dry summers and a number of sever droughts. Through it all I swore that never again would I complain about being inconvenienced by rain. Never say never. I should have been more specific and said I wouldn’t complain about SUMMER rain. This winter and spring has been absolutely intolerably wet and has severly restricted our veggie planting. The red Georgia clay Simply does not drain and breaking it up and amending it can only happen if it is good and dry. Part of the problem is that I have this other job that pays the bills (for the most part) and so it never fails that on a day that I’m at the fire station, it will be bright and sunny and then the next day we get just enough rain to saturate the soil again. So as with all things, Murphy’s Law prevails and all we can do is to just take it one day at a time.

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