Whole Pastured Chicken 5/26 (Deposit)


Deposit for one whole, delicious chicken. Pay a deposit for each bird you want to get and at check out make a note of the number you will pickup on each date (there are 4). You can view the dates on this Calendar.

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What’s more comforting than chicken dinner? And, no chicken tastes better or is more nutritious for your family than our pasture-raised, organic chicken. Our chickens spend their life on pasture foraging for their favorite insects and forages, and fed organic feed from New Country Organic.This is for the whole bird! Liver, heart, and feet included. If you want heads and gizzards, please add a note. Our chicken pickup dates are on our farm event calendar. Chicken pickup dates are 5/26, 7/28, 09/29, & 11/10.

We all need a chicken in every pot, so order yours, today!

Pay the balance due at pickup, price per pound $6.50.

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