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We only feed soy free organic feed, veggie scraps, skim milk yogurt, and whey to our pigs. $8/lb includes 15 lbs of sausage and one cured cut (belly bacon, back bacon or shoulder bacon). Additional sausage +$2/lb                                    Additional cuts cured +$4/lb


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We raise pigs solely on pasture or in a woodlot supplemented with organic feed. We believe we have the very best pork because our pigs get to live a stress free life, doing what pigs do. We never use anything weird in our sausage, ham or bacon like synthetic nitrates or corn syrup so you can know that you are feeding your family the healthiest food. We sell you the live animal and once it is ready to be harvested, the most humane and ethical methods are used and at the appropriate time of year. You will get everything that came with your pig, no wondering about how much trim was left on the floor at the processor.

One share equals a half pig. This will include zero nitrate curing of bacon and hams and sausage made with 100% organic ingredients.

Your pig will eat soy free swine feed from New Country Organics, skim milk yogurt & whey from our grass fed Jersey herd, plus whatever they forage from the pasture.

The target hanging weight will be at least 250 lbs so each share will get at least 100 lbs. I will deliver to you 100% of your hanging weight because I will process your pig myself.

Pigs will be ready this winter and to secure your soy free, hormone free, drug free, organic fed, humanely raised and ethically processed pig, send in your deposit asap. Balance due at pickup.

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