So here we go; out of the frying pan into the fire, jumping in with both feet, sink or swim. Pick your favorite euphemism. We’re finally taking the leap and setting a new course for our lives. Ever since we moved into our current house, we’ve felt like we were just coasting on the sidelines and it was becoming too easy to loose the intensity I once felt when I determined that I wanted to farm.

So we found a place that is up for lease, the land owner agreed to a five year lease, and we signed! This was once a working farmstead back before this area of Cobb County became overrun with $500,000 homes and shopping centers. Now we will be returning the land to its previous destiny. We spent the evening at the main house, cleaning and peeling wallpaper. Next up we gotta get some painting done.

As far as our plan, it’s going to be a miniature version Nature’s Harmony Farm in Elberton. You can find their awesome website HERE. I really admire the determination that Tim and Liz Young have to be sustainable and ethical. As a matter of fact it’s all their fault that I caught this bug. About five years ago, I was doing research online, looking for pasture management practices that were “organic”. That’s when I stumble across this blog where this suburban couple quit their corporate jobs, left their country club home and moved to a 70 acre property in the country. We we don’t live in a country club, nor have we acquired 70 acres, but we’ll more similar than different. Thanks Tim.

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