With all of the stuff I need/want to learn, I find navigating the techno stuff to be the most frustrating. I enjoy taking photos and videos of the goings on here but all I have at my disposal is my phone. Anywho, one of the principals I firmly believe in is that pasture must be rested and rotated. I’m trying to get myself more into a pattern of moving the cows on a daily basis, it’s just finding the balance of judging how big to make the paddock so that the cows eat down anything edible within 24 hours. So far, I haven’t got it quite figured out, for one thing, the grass hasn’t quite come in yet, and this pasture was overgrazed and abused previously. Each paddock is lasting about 3 or 4 days. So, with all that said, please follow this HUGE link to a video of moving our future milk cows out to a new paddock. This video is posted on my personal FB page, I tried to post it to the farm’s page but no luck.I came up with a new word: Techstration, frustration as a result of technology. Please enjoy the video and if you don’t like Blue Grass, you better find your volume controls.


On another note, our broiler chicks come tomorrow, so we’ve been working to get our brooder ready. One of the structures here was a corn crib and seems perfect for brooding. Perfect except for how the walls are all floating above the floor due to rust. I sent out an email to our farm subscribers about our coming meat chickens, and the response was good and strong so now I’ll post a link to our order form.



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