Grow a garden and save on your grocery bill. Install a rain barrel and responsibly mulch that garden and you’ve just doubled down on your return.  Pass go and receive both fresh garden veggies and a shrinking water bill.  Homesteading for the win! My question is this: What can you do on that slice of homestead heaven you’ve created to earn some money? Not “quit your day job” cash, but just a little extra.  In this blog series, we’ll explore different ways people are earning money off their land or by using their homesteading skills.  Think of earning and saving as the yin and yang of a self-supporting homestead.

Freshly_baked_bread_loavesThanks to a recently passed bill, creators of delicious artisan breads, flaky pies and old-fashioned confections can now start a business right out of their own kitchen, giving rise to a new opportunity for entrepreneurial homesteaders.

The Good: The cottage food legislation allows for home food production.  Hooray! Progress!

The Bad: It doesn’t require that all cities and counties follow suit within their own local jurisdiction.

The Ugly: Doing research for this blog post turned up a lot of confusion, long waits and unanticipated hurdles for the home bakers, confectioners and herbalists wanting to take advantage of this opportunity.

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