Do these words sound familiar? I sure hope so. It seems that every time I wake up, there is a new attack on our inalienable rights Mr. Jefferson put to paper in a document we call the Declaration of Independence. These attacks are coming on all fronts with restrictions and prohibitions to acquire the food of choice from a farm, proposed legislation to regulate homemade soap, and today an attack on one’s way of life and right to raise one’s family as you see fit (i.e. homeschooling and homesteading). These attacks originate on the federal level with outrageous regulations that do little to nothing other than drive out small farms, the state level with Gestapo style force, and the local municipalities that deny a person the right to grow their own food on their own property. When will the people wake up? Why do we accept this tyranny with little more than a shrug?

The story that has me stirred up right now is the one of the Naugler family. Joe and Nicole have a small homestead in Breckinridge County Kentucky where they raise their own food and homeschool their ten children. There has not been any record of this event (yet) in the media. I only learned of it on Facebook this afternoon. Someone has set up a Go Fund Me page and already in just one day, $12,000+ has been donated. Apparently, what occurred only a day or two ago, someone reported some perceived crime to the County Sheriff. Two deputies came onto the family’s property without a warrant, took custody of their two oldest sons and later took the rest of the children. The following is an excerpt from their Go Fund Me campaign.


“On May 6th, 2015, Breckinridge Co. Sheriff’s officers came to their home, acting on an anonymous tip, and entered their property and home without a warrant and without probable cause. Nicole was at home with the two oldest children, while Joe was away with the others. When the officers left the home, they attempted to block the access road to the family property. Nicole and the two boys got in their car to leave the family property. The got only a short way down the road before the officers pulled Nicole over.

During this stop, sheriffs deputies took their two oldest boys from Nicole’s custody, providing her no justification or documentation to support their action. Nicole was able to contact Joe briefly by telephone, but only for a short period of time, because she needed to use her phone to record the events.

Joe was able to arrange transportation to meet his wife where the stop had taken place. At that point, Nicole had been taken into custody for disorderly conduct (for not passively allowing the Sheriff to take her boys) and resisting arrest. Joe attempted to get out of the car to speak with the officers and his wife, and to recover the vehicle Nicole had been driving. The Sheriff, with his hand on his sidearm, ordered Joe back into the car. Joe complied with that request. The sheriff informed Joe that he had every intention of making this as difficult as possible for them and that their car would be impounded, despite the fact that Joe was there on ­site to recover it.”

If you can make a donation, please do. If not, please lift this family up in prayer so as to give them the strength to endure this situation as well as the guidance and wisdom of people who are in authority. Finally to all. Be vigilant. Be active. Be aware.




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