Here is an excellent post from our friend Sam at East of Eden Farm. Farming and growing food is one of the surest ways to declare your independence. I have become a champion of not looking to the government to keep me safe from myself, food, recreation and even from others to a degree. I do not want laws that tell me what to eat, what to drive, or what kind of light bulb I can use. I choose to consume something I believe to be a superfood such as raw milk, but just because I have cows shouldn’t mean that I be the only one to consume it freely, without government molestation. If i choose to fill my body with candy bars, fast food and soft drinks, then I alone should bear the consequences that comes with it; diabetes, obesity, and cancer. I should not look to someone else to foot the bill and carry the responsibility for my poor health. Rather put my faith in people I’ll never meet to feed me, I choose to grow it myself or patronize a nearby farmer. Anyway, happy Independence Day and however you celebrate it, do it with meaning.

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