Oh my goodness , I’m busier than a beaver, a one legged man in a butt kicking contest, mustard trying to ketchup. I only thought I was busy before and we haven’t added any more animals yet! I would’ve thought that having moved on on the farm, we’d have a little more breathing room, but not so.

The garden is started and the first round of seeds have germinated.

Any time I need help in the garden, I can count on Sarah for “help”. Here favorite taske has been breaking up dried out horse manure from the loafing shed in the pasture.

She and the boys really enjoy planting seeds too but, if I’m going to get it done any time soon then I’m just going to have to sneak out get out there and get it done without them knowing.
Katie’s been just as busy getting the house in order, teaching the kids their lessons, and then still having to haul laundry since I still don’t have the new bathroom/laundry room done.
That’s not done because there seems to be 500 things that need doing, I’ve still gotta work every third day at the fire station, I have a handfull of customers I cut grass for, and I’m waiting on some free expertise labor.
My other big project is getting the cottage ready for a tenant. The floors and ceilings have to be pulled out and replaced, hence the dumpster. My father-in-law hooked me up with this. He got it for himself as well for the old house that we were renting. When the delivery guy pulled up, my eyes nearly popped out of my head. I could probably fit the whole cottage in it! So, I got started by throwing away a whole bunch of junk that was left by a previous tenant (who still owes a month’s rent and I’ve not seen in at least two weeks). Then I started pulling up carpet. Now you want to talk about nasty? They also had a dog that stayed in the house all the time so there is that tell-tale stink of urine. The house has carpet and I started pulling it up to find another layer underneath, so I pulled the second layer up to find a third layer, so I pulled that one up and I found a FOURTH LAYER OF CARPET!!! i felt like I was in the Twilight Zone and I was almost certain that I was just going to keep pulling only to find there was more carpet underneath. So I quit. It was getting dark and I had to be at the station the next day.
That’s been my life so far on the farm. As I said before, there is still more to come. I have 100 broiler chicks to be delivered soon, I’m on the hunt for some cows, and I’ve got my fingers crossed that our doe will have babies soon. Maybe I should give Mike Rowe a call and show him how dirty he can get here.

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