We have a boatload of projects on our plate and we could use a bit of help getting a few things done. We need to put out compost, build some compost piles, move some fence, fix up some chicken tractors, and build some hugelkultur beds. Yes, just sound it out, it is a real word. Hugelkultur is a permaculture practice where wood and other biodegradables are buried to form self watering, self feeding garden beds. So if you come give us a hand, you won’t just be helping us, you’ll be learning a thing or two!

We’ll be serving up some of our locally produced fare and please feel free to bring so being of yours to share. In the interest of of keeping waste and cost down, bring your own plate and utensils too.

You can register on our Facebook page or just shoot us an email to say that you’re coming to join us.

We start at 10:00 and will go until we get done or milking time, whichever comes first.

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