So you’re probably asking, “What is a Hare Razr? Ummm, hell hole?” Well, I’ll start with the yellow jackets. Last night, I happened to spot a steady stream of yellow jackets buzzing in and out of a bed of liriope (or monkey grass) at the end of the walkway. I checked it out and spotted a hole right in the middle. It was wild to see how it looked as if someone had trimmed the leaves with a pair of scissors. 

So we took a trip up to the Big Orange Box to get some wasp killer. While we were there, I figured I’d take a look at all that I might need to do what I need for the master bath. Well, it did’t take long for me to feel overwhelmed and I realized that I needed some help. So I called up a firehouse buddy who said he’d be by this afternoon. So I spent the day cutting down wires that were strung up between the house, barn and shed. Then I got busy working on building Hare Razrs.
Hare Razr is the name Tim Young came up with for his rabbit pens. Here is a video he posted on YouTube.
Mine is similar, but I’m forgoing the strip of hardware cloth around the bottom.  We’ll be moving them every day, so I don’t think they’ll dig out before I move them to a new spot. Here is our buck, Aster in his new home.
All right, now to the nasty stuff. When Terry arrived to look at the house, it was now to finally slide down under the house to see how the plumbing was situated. All I can describe it as, is it felt like I was entering the first level Hades. It was dank, dark, and disgusting. I landed in a dug out area about seven feet wide and extended to the other side of the house. There is a thick layer of white mold on every joist and there were drops of water suspended from them as well. Terry asked me if there was a broken drain pipe, but I couldn’t find one. Then I spotted the culprit, an 18″ tunnel that led to the old well. Ever since 1946, when this house was built, there has been this open tunnel from the well to under the house where the pump must have been. We deduced that the house was built on piers and at some point in time they closed it all in which cut WAY down on ventilation, leading to a massive build up of moisture. Here are some lovely photos of the underworld.

Scary aint it?

The tunnel
See the water drops?
Now I have a whole new set if issues to address. Anybody have a heavy duty dehumidifier they’d care to donate?

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