We currently have 3 calves and one herd sire up for sale. All of our calves are raised on whole, raw Jersey milk. We never feed them milk replacer. We also never feed grain to our cows, only pasture forage, hay, and Chaffhaye alfalfa.

Ask about bundle pricing if you are buying more than 2.

SOLD—Jersey Bull Calf DOB July 4, 2018 $300 Purebred, not registered. Can be steered at no charge.


bull calf

Registered Jersey heifer calf DOB July 16, 2018 $500.

calf for sale



Registered Jersey heifer calf DOB July 28, 2018 $500.

calf for sale



Registered Jersey Bull (herd sire) DOB December 04, 2016 $2200. “Levi” carries excellent grassfed genetics from his sire, Holterholm Lieutenant. Levi was raised on 100% whole raw Jersey milk and grass and hay.

Jersey bull


Jersey bull


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