We took an easy day today. Not that we’re wanting for anything to do but, Katie is tired of peeling wallpaper and painting, and that was excuse enough. I still feel as though a lot was accomplished though. I finished Hare Razr #2 for our doe Rose, the garden was tilled, and we registered with the Farm Service Agency or (FSA). 
I finished the second Hare Razr in about half the time I took on the first one. It really made me feel good to release Rose into her new pen. She immediately inspected the entire area from corner to corner. I swore I could detect a pleased expression in her lupine features. It had to feel awesome for her to be able to hop around with no bars under her feet, nothing but grass. Now if I could just get them to reproduce! Yeah I know, so far my rabbit breeding leaves a lot to be desired. I put them together; they do the deed; a month later, no babies. What the heck. 
Now on to more exciting stuff. Our garden was tilled up today! Our friend Rich came over with his tractor and went to work. He says it’s more like playing than working. I wanted to video this, but my video app on my iphone stinks.
And here it is all done! 
While Rich was tilling, we took a trip to Calhoun to register with the FSA. Yes, ALL the way to Calhoun. For some reason (because with government, there is no reason) the office there covers Cobb. While I was there, I picked up a bunch of info about different conservation programs and financial assistance that farmers (who make less than $700 thousand a year!) can access. So now I’m waiting for my farm number and map to come in the mail since the person who does that is on vacation.
When we got back, Katie and the kids went on home to the old house, and I took care of the critters. I decided to take a walk around the pasture and see what I could see. The fence on the South and West lines is nearly perfect. The fence on the North line is in much worse shape than I first realized. It is almost all rusted out barb wire overgrown with trees and privet hedge. In the Northwest corner is a HUGE gap that I could easily walk through, so I did. About fifty yards through the trees I found this:
A beaver pond! (Fake enthusiasm) This is supposed to be a stream, but it’s more like a brackish swamp.
This leads me to believe that the back of the property would be under water with a heavy rain. Oh well, all silver linings have a touch of grey.

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