Alright folks, we are up to our necks and the very notion of trying to keep up with a garden right now is kind of laughable, as in hysterical. We are now looking for those who want to grow their own food or would like to start growing food for a living. We have plenty of chemical free land that would grow some awesome crops. No experience is necessary but definitely a plus. We are very flexible but we would ask a commitment for at least one growing season. Our terms and requirements are as follows:

1. We are not looking for monetary payment. In exchange for access to land to grow crops on, we will ask for 20% share for our own use. We would be open to barter for what we produce.

2. Chemical abstinence is a must. Organic methods are required, biodynamic/permaculture methods are preferred.

3. If you intend to market the produce, it must be offered to our farm members or through Marietta Locally Grown here at the farm. If this is the grower’s intention, then we will only ask a 10% share.

4. Helping out with other farm chores is not required but is encouraged.

If you are interested in joining and growing with us, please fill out the form below. Can’t wait to meet you!

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