This is awesome, especially since developers are planning this purposely. Little do many know, this model exists already here, if only by accident. Our farm’s 7.5 acres is what’s left of a large dairy farm that used to supply nearby residents fresh milk and cream. Sometime in the late fifties or early sixties, the farmer died and his wife and children sold off the cows and let the pastures go fallow, allowing another farmer to cut hay off of it. As time went by and taxes increased with rising development,  land was sold off perpetuating the continued cycle. These 7.5 acres were slated to be the final phase of a neighboring subdivision when the housing market crashed, which is how we finally came to land here. Unfortunately, the vast majority of our neighbors did not purchase their home with the proximity to a local farm as a factor. Even after going door to door, inviting neighbors to come visit and see what we produce, we have had but a few become supporters. What we are challenged with is to convert big box grocery patrons, who primarily purchase based what they perceive as affordable and convenient, into patrons of local food. So if you happen to be residing in the Marietta/West Cobb area, you might want to to take a look at what we have to offer so close to you. Follow the link below to see how what happened here by accident, is being purposefully implemented elsewhere.

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