Just a quick post while I wait for Katie’s prescriptions to be filled after her root canal :-(. Last night she called me at the fire station because once again, some of the new chickens had escaped. I was unable to leave, and she was miserable with tooth pain, so I told her to just let them be and go home. I figured that if these chicken were meant to be, then they’d be fine. 
When I got off this morning, I headed over to the farm to find that sure enough, chickens were on the loose. It wasn’t too hard for me to round them up, I guess they weren’t fully awake. I found that they were squeezing past the gate from their stall into the pen, and then they were flying over the fence. The obvious solution to this is there needs to be a higher fence. Below, you can see what I constructed with the netting I picked up at Lowes a couple of days ago.
The netting to keep them from flying over.
The girls were ready to get back on the grass!
A fenced in Chicken Farmer.
How else am I going to get out?

We call this training at the fire station.

What did I just put my hand in?!?

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