Whenever I hear of a new regulation from I government, I usually ink of a great line from a not so great (IMO) film, Dumb and Dumber. “Just when I don’t think you could be any dumber, you go do something like this and totally redeem yourself.”

The Food Safety and Modernization Act does little to make food safer and a lot to make it more unsustainable and expensive. It is another example of our government overstepping its bounds and infringing on rights of this country’s citizenry. When I read excerpts from the FSMA, I am further convinced that clueless bureaucrats are dreaming up regulations for industries they have no knowledge of.

Please click the click below and read Mr Walter Jefferies has to say on the matter. Afterwards, be sure to follow the link in his article to read the opinion he submitted to the feds. You need to make certain you submit you own opinion and do what you can to prevent our government from destroying what has been a very easy and beneficial relationship. I fear the price of beer and bacon may well skyrocket.


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