Coming soon! Are you longing to get growing? Do you want that ultimate connection with your food? Do you desire a simpler and more satisfying lifestyle that only comes from living on a homestead or farm? Our upcoming Farm Camp will give you the hands on, practical experience that you will only get by actually doing it! You will learn about raising the holy trinity of farm animals cows, chickens and pigs! There will be classes on how to milk cows, managing cows, and turning their milk into butter, yogurt and cheese! We will teach you how to use the animals to improve your soil and better manage your land. Speaking of land, we’ll share how we found land, even though we were just your typical suburbanites, and we will share what we learned about finding the RIGHT land for you. Learn vital homestead skills such as how to process your own animals into meat, canning vegetables, preserving meat, making soap, cooking from scratch and so much more.

Home cured bacon

Home cured bacon


Chicken processing class




So if you are ready to break away from the rat race, or you just want a weekend away from it, stay tuned for updates on when we will take bookings for Farm Camp.


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