Philip Busman gives a wonderful salutation.




Tunis sheep


Lush pasture
We paid a visit to Cherith Farm this afternoon with a great group of folks. I’m sorry I didn’t take more photos because there was a whole lot more than a few sheep in a lush pasture. The Tunis sheep are the breed of choice for Philip Busman due to their high quality meat. Philip raises sheep because Cherith Farm is a small one and they shear the wool. The wool is sent Prince Edward Island and made into blankets which they sell.

Cherith farm also raises chickens for eggs and broilers for meat. The eggs are sold to local customers as a part of a CSA or a la carte. The broilers are primarily for personal consumption but, they have been to sell a couple live birds now and then.

Cherith Farm’s other signature livestock is American chinchilla rabbits. They are not pets, rabbit is one of the most sustainable sources of meat there is. Three rabbits (2 does and 1 buck) can provide 150 -200 lbs of meat a year and they can largely be fed from a lush lawn. It won’t be long until rabbit makes a comeback to East West Farm.

We then took a look at the three garden areas. The gardens are managed completely by hand and are nourished by the rabbit manure and composted chicken manure. From them, Philip sustains a 15 member CSA.

After the tour we enjoyed a delicious meal of various veggies and dishes served up, potluck. There was great conversation and fellowship too.

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