Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Do these words sound familiar? I sure hope so. It seems that every time I wake up, there is a new attack on our inalienable rights Mr. Jefferson put to paper in a document we call the Declaration of Independence. These attacks are coming on all fronts with...

Milk pickup 

Please allow until after 10:30 am to pickup your milk at the Barrett Parkway location. Sometimes life happens and we run a little late. 

Why should you feed Chaffhaye?

Are you feeding your horses and livestock the very best? “Chaffhaye is crafted from premium-quality alfalfa or grass forage. While still fresh, the forage is chopped, lightly misted with molasses, and compressed into an airtight bag to lock in freshness. A...

Whole or Half Hog for Sale

Due to the untimely loss of our two breeder hogs, we have to sell at least one of them to try to cover our financial loss. The cost is calculated on the hanging weight at $3.25/lb for a whole or $3.50/lb for a half plus the processing fees. The weights are...

Homesteader’s Dream |

Our friends over at My Dad & Me Family Farm are selling their current location in Powder Springs, GA. They aren’t quitting, they’re needing to move to a larger property so that they can continue to expand and grow. Click the following link to read all...

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